Why Nyfiken


We want you, whoever you are, to be able to access research. To make this happen we need tools for researchers to communicate their research to the general public and a platform for the general public to access the research.

  • Publishing and writing toolbox for researchers
  • Platform
  • Connecting citizens to research


Nyfiken believes that best practice is key to evolve. This means that different fields need to share their knowledge to make way for new innovations. Nyfiken makes open science a reality which is an overall sustainable solution.

  • Open science
  • Citizens engagement
  • Sustainability


When we talk about open science, we mean research available for everyone. The platform where the research is shared will therefore be open access. The toolbox is directed to researchers and will have a specific membership where we can control that it is researchers writing. 

  • Citizens
  • Organisations
  • Private companies