Why Nyfiken

All in all, Nyfiken is a socially responsible and sustainable solution with benefits for all parts of society.


Everyone should be able to access research. To make this happen we need tools for researchers to communicate and disseminate their research to a broad audience, a platform to publish on, and tools for the general public to navigate the research. Nyfiken is developing these solutions.


Nyfiken believes that research and knowledge play a crucial role in facing the challenges of the future. By making research as open and accessible as possible we ensure that research is accessible by everyone everywhere, ensure equal access to research and lifelong learning, and strengthen trust in research and research institutions.


Nyfiken provides a collective solution for everyone interested in research and its role in society. With an open-access platform, citizens will have access to information about new research. With designated tools to connect research from different fields, citizens are supported in navigating the enormous amount of research. Researchers are supported in communicating and disseminating their research to a broad audience. By making research and the processes behind it more transparent, trust in academic institutions is strengthened.