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About us

The team behind NYFIKEN consists of Irina, Pil and Emilia. We are passionate about research, research politics, and research communication.

NYFIKEN launched its first podcast in 2020.

NYFIKEN wants to make research available and accessible to everyone, through podcasts, articles and other media. What we aim for with this platform, is to create a complete picture of research done in Scandinavia and, later on, the rest of Europe. We present research from all fields. For now we focus on work done by PhD students, as this covers the full diversity and complexity of academic research.

And by the way, NYFIKEN is the Swedish word for CURIOUS.

Irina Dumitru has recently graduated her PhD in quantum information theory, with a thesis on the geometry of quantum measurements.

Pil Saugmann is a PhD in theoretical Physics. She does her research within the field of condensed matter theory, focusing on ultra cold atoms in optical lattices.

Emilia Kaufeldt is a UX designer.

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