Making research available.

Everyone is talking about open science – Nyfiken makes it happen

A digital toolbox for research communication

An online platform for everybody

An overall sustainable solution

Nyfiken and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

4 Quality education

Nyfiken brings research from the universities to the general public. We want a world where open science is a fact.

9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Why reinvent the wheel? With research we ensure the access to critical and innovative finds.

16 Peace, justice and strong institutions

The universities as institutions are cornerstones of the knowledge based society. Nyfiken creates more transparent academic institutions..

Who do we serve?

Citizens and society

Nyfiken makes research available for the curious. With research and curiosity, Nyfiken believes that innovation is born and thrives.

Universities and researchers

A simpler way to write and make research accessible is key to create a more sustainable world.